21. Incorporation

The additional terms contained in the following paragraphs are intended to apply to users who register accounts, creating a user name and password for themselves, to post comments and questions in the public areas of the site, transact eCommerce business and/or to become members of the Legal.com Attorney Network. It is understood that these additional terms are combined with the preceding terms which apply to all users and site visitors, whether registered or not, so that all provisions of Sections A and B are incorporated together to form a single contract.

  1. Accounts and Security

As part of the registration process, each user will select a login name and password. You agree to provide Legal.com with accurate and complete information, which you will keep updated. For consumers, your login name should identify you and not be offensive to others; but, respecting your online privacy, it does not have to be your actual name. For professional members of the Legal.com Attorney Network, it is recommended that your login name identifies you as a professional. It will be your online identity when you post articles and comments, or answer user questions. It will also become your email address @Legal.com. Consider using your first initial + last name, or firm name.

In any event, you may not:

  • select or use a login name of another person with the intent to impersonate that person;
  • use a name subject to the rights of any other person without authorization;
  • use a login name that this site, in its sole discretion, deems inappropriate or offensive.

You shall notify Legal.com of any known or suspected unauthorized use(s) of your account, or any known or suspected breach of security, including loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of your password.  You shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password.

  1. Legal.com Attorney Network

Advertising model (Scope): The Legal.com Attorney Network is a service mark of Legal.com. Its use is to market the services of member attorneys, law firms and related providers of services to the legal profession. The Legal.com Attorney Network is neither a law firm nor a lawyer referral service, as those terms are commonly used in the context of state bar professional licensing and regulation. The Legal.com Attorney Network is an online advertising medium, utilizing practitioner listings in an online directory, banner advertising, building of name familiarity and reputation through credentialing activities such as authoring and publishing articles and posting to blogs and online forums. Legal.com will not involve itself in a lawyer’s relationship with his or her client, be considered a party to any attorney-client relationship or privilege, or participate in fee sharing or splitting by receiving compensation based upon number of clients or fees generated by any such clients.

Grant of Limited License:  Licensor hereby grants to Licensee a non-transferable, non-exclusive, worldwide license to notate Licensee’s affiliation with the Legal.com Attorney Network (including reproducing the Legal.com Attorney Network logo in conjunction with Licensee’s professional practice) and, where applicable pursuant to the Network’s features (e.g., Premium level of membership) and limitations (i.e., subject to termination upon cancellation or default), utilize one or more @legal.com email addresses.

Licensor shall at all times remain the sole owner of the domain name and trademark Legal.com, and service mark Legal.com Attorney Network.  Licensee shall enjoy only the rights set forth above. Nothing in these Terms of Use shall convey or otherwise entitle Licensee to make any claim to ownership, or use beyond the cancellation of termination of the limited license granted above, of Licensor’s name and/or marks.

Term: The term of this License shall run concurrently with Licensee’s membership in the Legal.com Attorney Network, subject to the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use. Licensee acknowledges and understands that this License will terminate automatically and immediately upon Licensee’s notice of cancellation and/or breach of any provision of these Terms of Use. Upon said cancellation or termination, Licensee shall immediately discontinue use of the License including, without limitation, any assigned @legal.com email address(es), and all rights under the License shall revert to Licensor, and remain the sole property of Licensor.