Divorce Forms

Definition: (noun) Divorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, refers to the legal process of ending a marriage. Annulment refers to invalidating a marriage through a court procedure that requires showing that the marriage was never valid. Separation means no

Power of Attorney

Definition: (noun) A document which allows one person to act for another. Uses: Can be a general power of attorney, which allows one person to act as the other in every respect. This would most commonly occur when the person

Corporation Legal Forms

Corporation; Incorporation Definition: (noun) A legally recognized entity having rights and powers similar to a person; usually formed by one or more individuals to operate as a business, for tax or limited liability reasons. Use: The document which forms a

Limited Liability Company

LLC; Limited Liability Company Forms Definition: (noun) A legally recognized business entity combining the limited liability advantages of a corporation with the ease of operation of a partnership. LLCs have rights and powers similar to a natural person – they

Bill of Sale Legal Forms

Definition: (noun) A document which transfers ownership or title of personal property from seller (transferor) to buyer (transferee). Note: Not used for transferring title or possession of real property – see deeds and leases. Use: Forms for transferring title of

Smart Person’s Guide to Divorce

Updated April 6, 2021 Divorce, dissolution of marriage or separation present legal challenges during an emotional time. In this otherwise serious area of law, we acknowledge the creatively direct message by a Chicago law firm, “Life’s short. Get a divorce”.