Understanding Trusts & Estates


Understanding Trusts & Estates


The Understanding Series titles are treatises on a specific area of law. They provide an in-depth discussion of the area of law and could be called paperback hornbooks. This edition updates a text praised by students and professors alike. The author offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of the law governing wills, trusts, and future interests. Understanding Trusts and Estates engages students with clear writing, realistic examples, and helpful graphic representations of present and future interests. By integrating the Uniform Probate Code and the new Restatements into discussions of traditional doctrine, this treatise promotes a thorough understanding of both fundamental and current issues. In addition to explaining basic concepts and significant cases and statutes, this text provides step-by-step tools for analyzing topics as diverse as spousal election, future interests and slayers’ statutes. Footnotes increase student understanding by providing internal cross-references and additional examples. Citations to journals, treatises, and current books aid further research.

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