Understanding Torts


Understanding Torts


The Understanding Series titles are treatises on a specific area of law. They provide an in-depth discussion of the area of law and could be called paperback hornbooks. This treatise is the perfect complement to first-year tort courses and is suitable for use with any tort casebook. Concise and authoritative, Understanding Torts features: — Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of intentional torts, privileges, negligence, cause-in-fact, proximate cause, defenses, joint and several liability, damages, strict liability, products liability, economic torts, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, defamation and invasion of privacy; — Judicious use of footnotes to provide full, but not overwhelming, primary and secondary support for textual propositions; — Clear organization and writing to enhance understanding of basic concepts and major cases covered in a torts course; and — In-depth analysis of topics that generate the greatest confusion and controversy.

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