Understanding Property Law


Understanding Property Law

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The Understanding Series titles are treatises on a specific area of law. They provide an in-depth discussion of the area of law and could be called paperback hornbooks. This student-oriented property law treatise is comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date and is suitable for use with every property casebook. Understanding Property Law features: — Complete coverage of all standard property topics, including landlord-tenant law, adverse possession, rights in personal property, estates and future interests, marital property, land sale transactions, servitudes, nuisance, zoning, takings, and other land use issues; — Analysis of cutting-edge topics, such as property rights in human bodies, current takings issues, the new Restatement (Third) of Property (Servitudes), rights and duties of homeowners’ associations, and property rights in personal names and likenesses; — Discussion of the policy and historical underpinnings of property law doctrines; — Clear writing and detailed organization to facilitate student understanding of both basic concepts and controversial topics.

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