Understanding Bankruptcy


Understanding Bankruptcy

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The Understanding Series titles are treatises on a specific area of law. They provide an in-depth discussion of the area of law and could be called paperback hornbooks. This book integrates theoretical and policy perspectives with the nuts and bolts of bankruptcy law to give students an appreciation and thorough understanding of both. This treatise includes: complete discussion of the Bankruptcy Code and related federal law; survey of state law creditors’ rights; consumer bankruptcy, including Chapter 13 reorganization; and business bankruptcy, including extensive coverage of Chapter 11 reorganization. Twenty-two short chapters give students a building-block approach. Extensive cross-references enable students to see how all the pieces fit together. By including case write-ups, law review excerpts, Bankruptcy Code and state statutes, all interwoven with cogent explanations, this text can serve as an excellent supplemental text for students taking Creditors’ Rights, Bankruptcy, Business Reorganizations, and similar courses dealing in whole or in substantial part with the Bankruptcy Code and related debtor/creditor law.

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