Tenants Leasing Handbook


Tenants Leasing Handbook


If you are considering moving your business or opening a brand-new office, restaurant or store, you need the practical tips and savvy insider’s guidance in this book. It provides you with the basic working knowledge you need to negotiate a commercial lease. You can get the best possible deal on leasing space for your business by following the book’s suggestions, allowing you to negotiate from a position of strength. You’ll learn how to build a strong working relationship with your landlord and at the same time to increase the value of the lease. You’ll learn when and how to ask questions about such issues as repainting the suite and free parking. By not asking, you can lose the opportunity to gain valuable bargaining points. In addition, this book shows you how to assess floor plans and space needs, estimate the real value of incentives, determine who pays for improvements and know what to look for in a renewal option. You’ll also learn how to use the services of lawyers, accountants and leasing agents-what qualities to look for and how these professionals can help you. Extensive checklists are included to help you prepare to move.

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