Starting & Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine


Starting & Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine


One of the tried and true ways of communicating with a particular audience — be they piercing artists or pickle connoisseurs — is through a newsletter or magazine. This practical, informative book covers all that a budding editor needs to know to start and operate a profitable publication. Written by the co-founder of two of the most successful magazines of all time, Starting and Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine discusses raising start-up money, attracting the best help, choosing the right marketing strategies, profiting from other publishers’ good ideas, creating a solid subscription base, building loyalty among readers and advertisers and competing effectively against even the biggest adversaries. The this book includes Internet publishing strategies for publishers on a shoestring, including how to get connected in the industry, design and promote an effective web site, sell ads and make a profit. It also includes an expanded resources chapter sprinkled with Web sites and software and publishing services. Whether a reader wants to form a desktop newsletter, a slick magazine or an online publication, this is the book to crack.

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