Smart Ways to Save Money During & After Divorce


Smart Ways to Save Money During & After Divorce


Divorce can end up costing your thousands of dollars, but it doesn’t have to. This book provides 70 ways to go through divorce without going broke and is jam-packed with useful tips on how to keep your finances in order and your costs down when you’re doing through a divorce. You’ll learn how to save on attorney’s fees by making sure you understand the costs up front, how to go it alone or use a mediator, how to make smart tax decisions and beware of tax traps, how to get the alimony you deserve or pay the alimony you can afford, how to understand child support obligations, how to identify hidden expenses and hidden assets, how to cut your monthly expenses, how to pay off your debts or agree who will be responsible for them and how to prepare for your financial future as a single person.

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