Settle It Yourself: Who Needs a Lawyer


Settle It Yourself: Who Needs a Lawyer

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Imagine two lawyers telling you how to avoid legal fees. That’s what Fred Benjamin, J.D., a leading authority on personal injury, and Dorothea Kaplan,J.D., a former public defender who has devoted her practice to consumer self-help in legal matters, have done with this how-to book. They describe how to settle personal injury and accident claims with the insurance company without the aid of an attorney. Step-by-step procedures, including ready-to-use forms, show the injured party how to obtain the same cash settlement, avoid the lawyer’s fee (usually one-third of the award) and have the satisfaction of winning a settlement all alone. You’ll find more than 25 forms and letters that show you how to deal with all aspects of liability cases, six simple steps to follow that can lead you to your own claim settlement with insurance companies, and chapter on what to do and what not to do to protect your interests in dramshop claims, death claims by the surviving family, injuries on the job, underinsured motorist claims, claims against public entities and government, intentional injuries or damages, claims against professionals and health providers and injuries caused by a defective product.

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