Recovering from Disaster: How to Process Your Own Insurance Claim


Recovering from Disaster: How to Process Your Own Insurance Claim

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This step-by-step guide will help you get the best results and save thousands of dollars in recovering from a disaster-from what to do when the disaster strikes, to determining the amount of damage, filing claims with insurance companies and dealing with contractors to restore/rebuild your home. You’ll find valuable information on mitigating damages, claimant’s responsiblities, emergency services, who to call, documentation, temporary expenses, assessing your policy, coverages and exclusions, what is depreciation, unfair claims practice, reporting the claim, assessing the damage, the scope of repairs, pricing out restorations, negotiating the claim, getting paid by the insurance company, types of homeowners policies, hiring the right contractors, supplemental claims, the Insurance Commissioner, sample letters, the appraisal process, dealing with troublesome adjusters and knowing the games they play and the insurance company chain of command and more. Includes forms to help you through the process including contractor questionnaire, scope of repairs sheet, restoration S.L.D. list, chronology of events, fax transmittal sheet, proof of loss, work order, supplemental claim sheet, 10-point claim submission checklist, claims processing information checklist, additional/change work authorization, conditional release upon progress payment, unconditional lien release upon final payment, unconditional lien release upon progress payment, construction agreement, restoration schedule, telephone/FAX log, damage/photo list, loss summary, expense log and photo sheet.

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