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Published books and articles can be a consultant’s or professional speaker’s most powerful promotional tools. There’s no better way to demonstrate your expertise, create name recognition, enhance your credibility, and command the higher fees you deserve. But getting published can be a tricky business. To eliminate as many obstacles as possible, you need a working knowledge of the writing and publishing process–from starting with magazine articles, to negotiating a book contract. Publish and Flourish gives you what you need in a clear, upbeat style. Now from the team of Garry Schaeffer and Dr. Tony Alessandra, here is the complete guide–for consultants, professional speakers and trainers–that will help you turn your business skills into writing skills, and manage the publishing process to your professional advantage. This comprehensive guide will show you how easy it is to overcome writing phobia and generate new ideas; mount a research effort; outline and get organized; edit and add style to your writing; find and work with a collaborator; write a book proposal; choose an agent; and submit articles and books for publication. Publish and Flourish reveals the marketing secrets of successful business writers. You’ll learn how to promote your book, work your publications into your personal marketing efforts, and how to use a publishing strategy to keep your phone ringing.

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