Process of Legal Research


Process of Legal Research


This book provides a sound step-by-step approach to legal research that will serve students throughout their professional careers, THE PROCESS OF LEGAL RESEARCH helps students choose among the proliferation of resources. This edition deals with the ongoing choice between paper and electronic research, such as: when the choice takes place in the research process; how the choice among different media results in different access means, scope, and currency of materials; differences in the search capabilities of the Internet, LEXIS, and WESTLAW; how to conserve a client’s financial resources; and best research practices in terms of media choices and uses, with careful attention to when paper sources are better. This outstanding author team continues to impact the principles and practices of successful legal research with: the process approach that leads students through the steps of effective legal research with unmatched clarity; comprehensive coverage that begins with the basics (research terms, media options) and proceeds to detail specific sources for in-depth consideration; clear and consistent chapter structure helps students focus on key topics and makes the book a reference of enduring value; case study that demonstrates all the research sources in the context of a real example; excellent illustrations that give examples of sources and prepare students for what they will find when they conduct their research; and problem sets that help students test their knowledge.

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