Nutshell: Toxic Torts


Nutshell: Toxic Torts

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One of over 150 titles in West’s Law in a Nutshell series, this book is a comprehensive resource in an easy-to-read, concise format. With a title representing almost every area of law, Nutshells provide a solid understanding of a specific area of law and include references to important cases that have helped shaped the law. Topics included in this title are: what is a toxic tort; convergence of public and private law; theories of liability: claims against sellers of products and claims related to activities on the land; CERCLA liability; liability of employers: workers’ compensation, regulation under the Occupational Safety and Heath Act; other special defendants: governmental entities, government contractors, successor and predecessor corporations, lenders, insurers and indeterminate defendants; statutes of limitations; pre-emption; causation; scientific evidence: epidemiological studies, toxicological studies, admissibility and DAUBERT v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; damages: emotional distress, increased risk of disease and punitive damages; mass toxic torts: class actions, other aggregative procedures and settlement; and a paradigm: case of environmental tobacco smoke.

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