Nutshell: Pretrial Litigation


Nutshell: Pretrial Litigation


One of over 150 titles in West’s Law in a Nutshell series, this book is a comprehensive resource in an easy-to-read, concise format. With a title representing almost every area of law, Nutshells provide a solid understanding of a specific area of law and include references to important cases that have helped shaped the law. Topics included in this title are: client interviewing; interviewing techniques; client’s retainer of the attorney; pretrial planning; preparing the litigation plan; legal research; factual investigation; the complaint; modern pleading and practice; Rule 11 pleading requirements; amendment of the pleadings; responses to the complaint; disclosure under Rule 26(a); discovery under Rule 26(b); relevance; privilege; work-product; expert discovery; discovery planning; interrogatories; depositions; deposition questioning techniques; expert depositions; preparing witnesses; defending depositions; request for production; Rule 35 examinations; admissions; judicial intervention into the discover and disclosure process; pretrial motion practice; summary judgment; pretrial conferences; pretrial orders; and negotiation and settlement.

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