Nutshell: Criminal Law


Nutshell: Criminal Law

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One of over 150 titles in West’s Law in a Nutshell series, this book is a comprehensive resource in an easy-to-read, concise format. With a title representing almost every area of law, Nutshells provide a solid understanding of a specific area of law and include references to important cases that have helped shaped the law. Topics included in this title are: punishments; homicides; degrees of homicide; felony murder; causation; assault; battery; mayhem; rape; statutory rape; kidnapping; self-defense; retreat rule; imperfect self-defense; defense of others; resisting arrest; protecting property; larceny; embezzlement; false pretenses; forgery; receiving stolen goods; robbery; extortion; burglary; arson; mems rea; strict liability; mistake of fact and law; actus reus; voluntariness; omissions; insanity; different test of insanity; insanity vs. automation; infancy; intoxication; duress; necessity; cruel and unusual punishment; entrapment; burden of proof; presumptions; attempt; attempt mens rea; attempt actus reus; abandonment; solicitation; vagrancy; parties to crime; parties actus reus; parties mens rea; conspiracy; RICO; vagueness; ex-post-facto laws; common law crimes; and victimless crimes.

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