Neanderthals at Work


Neanderthals at Work


Do you spend half your time and enegy dealing with politics and game playing? Are you forced to work in an uncivilized atmosphere, created and controlled by tiny brains, narrow minds and brutish attitudes? Suffer in silence no more. Here is a witty, informative and devilishly perceptive look at the club-wielding, cave-dwelling boneheads who can make life in the office so miserable. With the plain-speaking, success-oriented advice of this book, you can rise above primitive behavior and take the evolutionary leap into an enlightened and more productive workplace. Once you learn to undo the first rule of Neaderthal thinking-Us vs. Them-you’ll quickly identify these stone-age throwbacks and begin to deal with them effectively. Whether your goal is to get ahead or just coexisting peacefully, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to survive and thrive in the ultra-competitive workplace today.

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