Managing Your Legal Career


Managing Your Legal Career

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Managing Your Legal Career tells you how to plan for success in the legal profession and beat the competition for the best, most satisfying legal jobs. Legal law career planning expert Cliff Ennico, author of The Legal Job Interview, takes you step by step through each stage of the law career planning management process in an entertaining, fast-paced presentation. YouÕll learn how to find your niche — how to find the right legal specialty in a crowded market. YouÕll also learn to identify job opportunities and whether your best fit is in a law firm, corporation or government agency and whether your personality is a good fit for a legal law career planning. YouÕll also learn how prepare your resume for best results; what to say in a cover letter (and what not to say); how to interview for a legal job; and how to answer the most common questions. Finally, youÕll learn how to succeed in different legal environments: what to do once you get a legal job; how to plan you law career planning for maximum success and satisfaction; how to determine when itÕs time to leave the law; and how to make the transition to a non-legal law career planning. Cliff Ennico has made five successful job transitions in a 15-year legal law career planning, is the author of several leading law career planning management books for legal professionals, is a specialist in the legal problems of small business, and is the co-host of the popular PBS television series Money Hunt.

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