Legalines: Constitutional Law: Cohen


Legalines: Constitutional Law: Cohen

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A hybrid of the law outline and case brief, Legalines offer a useful study aid for law students in that you are introduced to the rule or doctrine in outline format and then given an illustration of the application of that rule or doctrine with a short brief of the applicable case from your casebook. Note that to save space for the outline content, the briefs are shorter than those in Casenotes. Best use: Before exams to reinforce the basics and to associate the appropriate rule or doctrine with each case or fact pattern studied throughout the semester. Legalines are articularly popular among students who are also working full-time while attending law school, because of their concise style. Some students, however, find the outlines and the case briefs too brief and prefer a more extensive outline or hornbook and more in-depth casebriefs. The case briefs in Legalines are also available on CD-ROM (Windows only). See Gilbert Casebrief Software.

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