Law School Without Fear


Law School Without Fear

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This is a indispensable book for law students because two law professors wrote it for a particular law student: their son. Authors Helene Shapo and Marshall Shapo, both law professors at Northwestern University, wrote this book when one of their sons decided to go to law school. They set out to answer a question that has puzzled thousands of law teachers and millions of law students; how can you explain in simple terms the most basic things that a law student really needs to know about law school? They set out to explain, in down to earth language that takes law students seriously, the hurdles that most often baffle law students and how to jump them. This book started out as a practical advice to the authors’ child. Now every law student can benefit from its clearly written road map for success. The Shapos have taught law schools for almost a combined half century. They understand the problems that keep coming up for students, time after time. They understand that those problems test the emotions as well as the ability to think. They also believe that students would like a plain spoken, serious book that tells them how not only to cope with law school but to succeed there and how to get the most our of law school as an experience. Contents include: Law: Constitutions, Legislation, and Courts; Briefing a Case; Precedent and How to Use It: Holding Dictum and Rules; Expanding on Procedure; Roles of Judge and Jury; Facts and Law; Legal Reasoning; Interpreting Language; Balancing Competing Interests and Factors; Policy Foundations; Choice Among Policies; Remedies; Legal Writing; Studying and Reviewing; Exams; and It’s a Mind Game: Psychological Tips for the Study of Law.

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