Law in Plain English for Writers


Law in Plain English for Writers


Few professional writers can afford around the clock legal counsel. Fortunately, you can afford to have the next best thing: this down-to-earth guide to every important legal question a writer may face–without the burden of an hourly fee. You’ll get clear advice on the day-to-day issues that can plague any writer, like getting through pages of contract legalese and dealing with agents and legal professionals. Packed with practical answers, plus a special appendix on helpful organizations and a glossary of commonly used legal and publishing terms, this book is a must for writers. Understand the basic elements of all contracts with book and magazine publishers and keep your taxes low. Find the right publisher and be aware of what you need to know and to watch out for if you’re considering self-publishing. Make the most of copyright laws and the protections they offer. Understand censorship, obscenity, defamation and libel laws. Protect your right to privacy. Take advantage of the business laws that pertain to writers. Know when it’s in your best interest to find a lawyer and how to go about it.

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