Law in a Flash Cards: Criminal Procedure


Law in a Flash Cards: Criminal Procedure

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If flash cards helped you in college, this may be the perfect study aid for you. Many students find the cards handy, because they can grab a hand-full and take them anywhere to study. If you like to use your computer, you may find the interactive, computerized flash cards are best for you. Available for core subjects, the Law in Flash series from Emanuel is the cadillac of law school flash cards and available for separate subjects as flash cards only, interactive software (Windows only) or combination packages with both flash cards and interactive software. Each package includes 400-600 cards. You start each topic with basic black letter principles that give you all the fundamentals, then progress through a series of hypothetical questions that test your knowledge and your skills. Each flash card challenges the student with a well-written question or problem and provides a model answer on the reverse side. You’ll find lots of checklists and mnemonics to help you remember every meaningful principle.

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