Just Sell It: Selling Skills for Small Business Owners


Just Sell It: Selling Skills for Small Business Owners


You’re a small business owner with a product or service you believe in, but since you’re not ready to hire a sales staff, you have to do the selling yourself. Author and sales pro Ted Tate knows your situation because he’s been there himself, more than once. Just Sell It! is designed to give non-sales-people, who cannot afford years of on-the-job training, the tools and skills they need – quickly and in plain English. This invaluable book reveals the selling secrets that successful professional salespeople know and use every day. You’ll learn how to find and qualify those prospects that are worth your time and energy; how to get appointments with busy, hard-to-reach decision-makers; how to make sales presentations that will make your prospects eager to buy; how to use time-tested, proven strategies for closing the sale; and how to use effective telemarketing techniques for selling products and services. And hundreds of other tips, techniques, and psychological maneuvers that will give you an edge in all kinds of selling situations. What’s more, you’ll learn how to maximize the other, not-so-obvious benefits of being your own salesperson, like learning about your clients and your competition. Just Sell It! is an indispensable, money-making, time-saving guide, whether you’re just starting out, or just want to sharpen your selling skills with a pro.

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