Introduction to Law Series: Corporations (Hornbook)


Introduction to Law Series: Corporations (Hornbook)

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This hornbook or treatise provides an in-depth discussion of the area of law. Hornbooks are fully-indexed reference books that are useful to law students, legal professionals and individuals wanting an in-depth understanding of the area of law. The same expert authors who unravel the intricacies of modern corporate law for practitioners have written this treatise created especially for students. CORPORATIONS by Cox, Hazen, and O’Neal is the perfect text for students in corporations or business organizations, assuming no business background and providing significant explanation of vocabulary and concepts. In a straightforward style with no ideological ulterior motives, the authors review the major tenets of the basic course and analyze the major cases. In 27 chapters, Cox, Hazen, and O’Neal cover standard topics and integrate economic, theoretical, and policy considerations where relevant. Among the many recent issues they address are: limited liability companies; officer and director liability ; Revised Model Business Corporations Act of 1980 and later revisions ; and corporate governance issues. Truly a remarkable reference, Corporations puts the sophisticated scholarship of an outstanding group of authors within easy reach of beginning students.

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