Introduction to Law Practice Management


Introduction to Law Practice Management

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This book introduces you to what you need to know to practice law in four different environments-private practice of your own, joining an established law firm, working in a corporate legal department and working in a governmental legal organization. This book presents chapters on the basic concepts of management and management principles; ways private practices are organized and the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds or styles of business organizations; how to set and charge fees; ways in which partners and shareholders are compensated or share their mutually produced income; ways to build your own practice and clients; the recruiting process and choices available for employment after law school and how firms recruit associates; nonfinancial administrative systems and procedures which law firms use; internal administrative systems for accounting and time-keeping; an introduction to the use of technology in law firms today; staff positions other than attorneys in law firms and how to recruit them; legal assistants, their role in the law firm and issues that must be addressed by the law firm if its use of legal assistants is to be successful; and agreements which partners and professional corporations write for themselves.

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