How to Settle an Estate: A Manual for Executors and Trustees


How to Settle an Estate: A Manual for Executors and Trustees

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Settling an estate is an enormous financial and legal responsibility for which many are not prepared. The solution? Follow the advice of two estate experts who have created this all-inclusive manual, leading readers through the maze of legal documents, forms, letters, and notices to be filed and the procedures that must be followed to fulfill all obligations concerned. In clear and simple terms, Plotnick and Leimberg offer practical advice on diverse topics such as: how to pay a multitude of taxes without incurring costly fines; how to raise cash for immediate estate expenses; knowing when to hire a lawyer, an accountant, and a stockbroker; dealing with insurance claims; gaining government and fringe benefits; managing real estate; and distributing and valuating assets. Sample letters, documents, and checklists for filing forms are included in this resourceful book to help solve problems from running a family business to choosing a legal guardian. Completely updated with the latest tax law information, How to Settle an Estate will help readers act as trustees for an estate with maximum protection for the heirs and minimum liability for themselves. How to Settle an Estate includes all recent federal tax law changes. This comprehensive book makes sense of the complexities of the legal system.

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