How to Market a Product for Under $500


How to Market a Product for Under $500


This book will make your marketing easier, faster and cheaper than ever. A great reference tool and an unbelievable marketing guide for small businesses. Over 400 pages jam-packed with in-depth direct marketing information. You’ll see how to create effective low-cost campaigns easily. Find new markets effortlessly. Test new markets at almost no cost. Increase the effectiveness of any campaign with plenty of samples and examples. This isn’t a theoretical book–it’s a practical easy to follow guide to effective marketing. Learn how to write a press release and increase your chances of getting coverage from 5% to 85%. You’ll find over 100 pages to developing effective direct mail campaigns. Find out when are the best times to advertise and when are the worst. Get an ad you like out of an ad agency, where to advertise, how to get the lowest advertising rates and the best positions.

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