Gilbert Outline: Legal Ethics


Gilbert Outline: Legal Ethics

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Topics Covered: Regulating Admission to Practice Law; Preventing Unauthorized Practice of Law; Contract Between Client and Lawyer (including Lawyer’s Duties Regarding Accepting Employment, Spheres of Authority of Lawyer and Client, Obligation of Client to Lawyer, Terminating the Lawyer-Client Relationship); Attorney-Client Privilege; Professional Duty of Confidentiality; Conflicts of Interest; Obligations to Third Persons and the Legal System (including Counseling Illegal or Fraudulent Conduct, Threats of Criminal Prosecution); Special Obligations in Litigation (including Limitations on Advancing Money to Client, Duty to Reject Certain Actions, Lawyer as Witness); Solicitation and Advertising; Specialization; Disciplinary Process; Malpractice; Special Responsibilities of Judges. The casebook correlation chart includes the following casebooks: Regulation of Lawyers: Problems of Law and Ethics by Gillers; The Law and Ethics of Lawyering by Hazard and Koniak; Problems in Professional Responsibility by Kaufman; Professional Responsibility by Morgan and Rotunda; Legal Ethics: The Law of Professional Responsibility by Patterson and Metzloff; Professional Responsibility Cases and Materials by Pirsig and Kirwin; and Problems in Legal Ethics by Schwartz, Wydick and Perschbacher.

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