Franchising & Licensing: Two Ways to Build Your Business


Franchising & Licensing: Two Ways to Build Your Business


Your business is ready to expand. You’ve heard that franchising and licensing hold exciting possibilities for growth, but you’re not sure how to get started. Franchising and licensing your business can be a relatively low-cost, but complicated, opportunity for growth. This book shows you how to understand and conquer all the legal, managerial and operational issues involved. Using case studies, checklists, sample contracts and specific chapters on each aspect of the process, the book shows you how to launch, operate and sustain a franchising or licensing program that will expand your business on a solid, rish-free platform. You’ll find experienced-tested advice and practical help on how to structure franchise agreements and comply with franchise regulations, how to raise capital and market and sell the franchise opportunity, how to develop a management team and ensure quality control, how to deal with disputes and satellit locations, how to create an effective operations manual and how to expand into the international market.

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