For Sale By Owner in California


For Sale By Owner in California

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To use, or not to use, a broker; that is the question. When selling a house in California, this decision can be a nail-biter, until a homeowner turns to George Devine’s helpful, informative guide. It explains how homeowners can save thousands of dollars by selling a home on their own or with help from a real estate agent. Loaded with all the necessary real estate forms and worksheets, it provides practical tips on pricing and marketing, coordinating the sale of one house with the purchase of another, attracting buyers with creative financing options, minimizing the tax consequences of selling a house, negotiating with buyers, writing a contract and going through escrow. Updated to reflect the most recent changes in the California housing market and federal and state laws, the fourth edition includes information on real estate tax laws, safety and natural hazards disclosure requirements, online real estate services and negotiation techniques for real estate transactions. Includes all the necessary real estate forms and worksheets.

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