Fighting for Your Children: A Father’s Guide to Custody


Fighting for Your Children: A Father’s Guide to Custody

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In recent years, more fathers have attempted to win custody of their children following a divorce. Sadly, the legal system is often tilted unfairly against these fathers.This book will help men who are facing a battle over the custody of their children. It will guide fathers through the entire legal experience and help them prepare for the technical and emotional difficulties they will encounter. This long-needed guide is filled with helpful advice including: understanding and circumventing current biases in the legal system; devising solid courtroom strategy; creating a fair and workable visitation solution; and thoughts on how the system can be changed to work more fairly for both men and women in the future. Using anecdotes from fathers who have successfully gained full or joint custody of their children as well as from fathers who have met with failure, the authors illustrate the dos and don’ts of successfully waging a custody battle for children.

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