Exam Pro: Evidence


Exam Pro: Evidence

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This extensive book provides law students with the help they need to prepare for Evidence course exams. You’ll find a total of 1,140 objective questions, along with detailed and thorough Answer Keys stating the correct answer along with a clear, concise, to the point explanation as to why each answer is correct. All of the specific subject matter areas comprising the law of evidence are addressed. This book also contains a Specific Subject Matter Review consisting of 340 true-false questions covering fifteen distinct topics. One of the topics, cross-examination, itself contains seven subtopics. Another topic, hearsay, contains 50 questions specifically dealing with the hearsay definition together with 100 questions covering both the hearsay definition and exceptions to the Rule against Hearsay. You’ll also find four true-false exams (each with 50 questions) and (each with 25 questions) on the Hearsay Definition and its Exceptions, Rules 801-807 of the Federal Rules of Evidence. Also included are five true-false comprehensive exams (each with 50 questions) and six multiple choice objective exams (each with 25 questions). The answers provided are complete and accurate and give you detailed analysis to help you recognize similar issues on your exam. Appendix A contains a textual presentation exploring in detail the determination of what is hearsay and what is not hearsay under Rules 801(a)-(d) of the Federal Rules of Evidence. Appendix B contains the Federal Rules of Evidence to assist you in appreciating the answers and explanations presented.

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