Evidentiary Foundations (Softbound)


Evidentiary Foundations (Softbound)

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Many students have trouble developing a working understanding of the evidentiary doctrines discussed in class. They complain that their evidence casebooks and hornbooks do not explain how the doctrines operate in the courtroom. This book provides a comprehensive set of simple foundations for law students and young trial practice and trial advocacy attorneys to help bridge the gap between theory and practice. Most sections of the book begin with a discussion of an evidentiary doctrine, discussing the modern common law and citing the applicable Federal Rule of Evidence as well. Then the text breaks the doctrine down into a list of foundation elements, the historical facts and events which constitute the foundation. Finally, the section contains a sample foundation for the evidentiary doctrine. Each question in the body of the sample foundation is numbered; the number corresponds to the element of the foundation the question relates to. Thus, the numbered foundation shows how each element in the doctrine converts into concrete questions in the courtroom.

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