Emanuel: Constitutional Law


Emanuel: Constitutional Law

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The Emanuel Constitutional Law outline is the ‘Cadillac’ of the Emanuel line. It is meticulously updated every fall, including the latest Supreme Court decisions. It is extremely popular with students; however, it is so extensive that it’s hard to call it an outline and some students find it overwhelming. It’s more like a paperback hornbook or treatise. Emanuel outlines are in-depth and technically detailed and so extensive that they are more like a hornbook than an outline. You’ll find extensive discussions of cases, not just citations; references to Hornbooks, Restatements, casebooks and other authorities; and graphics, tables and flowcharts that summarize and highlight principles of law. Some students find them more tedious to use than a hornbook because of their start-stop outline approach. Each Emanuel outline includes a 60-80 page Capsule Summary for concise reading before exams and a textbook correlation chart, so you know which pages of the outline correspond to which pages in your casebook. Each chapter begins with a ChapterScope, a brief overview of the chapter, and closes with a Quiz Yourself section, complete with answers that are really mini-essays, and Exam Tips, which tell you what you absolutely must know to do well on your exams. You’ll also find multiple choice and essay questions with answers and explanations to help you prepare for exams. The Constitutional Law outline textbook correlation chart includes the following casebooks: Constitutional Law by Gunther and Sullivan; Constitutional Law by Stone, Seidman, Sunstein and Tushnet; Constitutional Law by Lockhart, Kamisar, Choper, Shiffrin and Fallon; Constitutional Law by Cohen and Varat; and Modern Constitutional Law by Rotunda.

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