Don’t Get Taken


Don’t Get Taken


This book will help you protect yourself legally from abuses, shemes, scams and rip-offs. You’ll learn how to avoid trouble, complain effectively and fight back to obtain legal and financial satisfaction. Complete with dozens of sample complaint letters, forms, agreements and names and addresses to insure that you don’t get taken. Includes information on being hired properly, what to do when you are fired, employment agency problems, avoiding investment, franchise, real estate and business schemes, insurance rights, credit card fraud, dealing with banks, repairing bad credit and collection agency harassment. Also addresses how to insure you receive quality products and services with information on the following topics: renting and buying a house, buying/leasing a car, hospital and medical care, faulty products and services, enforcing product warranties, ad, mail and telephone scams, home and auto insurance and repairs, suing in court and arbitration, and hiring lawyers, doctors, architects, appraisers, brokers and more.

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