CrunchTime: Torts


CrunchTime: Torts

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Exams are coming and you’re starting to panic — how will you prepare? With the CrunchTime series from Emanuel, help is at hand. This series is sure to be popular among students with everything you need to prepare for exams, all in one book — a capsule summary of the area of law, exam tips, flow charts, and essay, short-answer and multiple-choice questions. The capsule summary boils the subject down to about 90 pages, summarizing all the subject’s key concepts in an easy-to-read outline format. The exam tips are drawn from an extensive analysis of what has been asked on literally hundreds of past exams, providing you with tricks and traps professors have actually put on exams and enabling you to focus your studying on what professors are most likely to ask. The Flow Charts break down every topic into the rules of law and show you how the rules fit together. Finally, the dozens of short-answer and multiple-choice questions, each with an explanatory answer (including why it’s the answer) and the complex issue-spotting essay questions, each with an extensive model answer, will help you practice for your exam.

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