Constitutional Law: Principles & Policies (Introduction to Law Series)


Constitutional Law: Principles & Policies (Introduction to Law Series)

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This hornbook or treatise provides an in-depth discussion of the area of law. Hornbooks are fully-indexed reference books that are useful to law students, legal professionals and individuals wanting an in-depth understanding of the area of law. This treatise is a favorite among law students for its clear introduction to constitutional law and its underlying policies. Taking a neutral stance in explaining constitutional law doctrine, Chemerinsky presents a variety of perspectives. He examines specific topics and ties them to the broader themes of separation of powers, federalism and individual liberties. Chemerinsky’s lucid and direct writing style makes these difficult concepts easier for students to understand. The text proceeds logically from an introduction that integrates historical background with contemporary themes to: powers of the federal government; limits on state regulatory power; protection of individual liberties and civil rights; procedural due process; protection of economic liberties; equal protection; and protection of expression and religion. This extremely well-written book may easily be read in sections without redundancy or confusion.

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