Casenotes Legal Briefs: Immigration Law: Aleinkoff


Casenotes Legal Briefs: Immigration Law: Aleinkoff

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Casenotes Legal Briefs have saved more than one unprepared law student’s day when called upon in class by a Professor Kingsfield. Fondly referred to as canned briefs, each Casenotes book includes briefs for all major cases in a specific casebook, case capsules, vocabulary and abbreviations. The use of Casenotes Legal Briefs is discouraged by law school faculty because some students are seduced into relying on them rather than reading and briefing the cases themselves. Students who fall prey to this trap fail to develop the reading, writing and analysis skills that are so critical to success with bar exams and the practice of law. Stories of inaccurate briefs are legend. Best use: Checking your work when learning to brief cases.

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