Best Resumes for Attorneys


Best Resumes for Attorneys

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This practical resource for junior and senior lawyers will assist you in preparing a resume that lands you that job you want. Written by long-time legal search consultants, this book provides you with the tools to produce a clear, concise and persuasive resume that emphasizes your strengths, assists you in writing compelling cover and thank-you letters and even recommends how you can adroitly handle job interviews. Complete with more than 140 sample resumes and cover letters that point up good and bad presentations in 48 legal practice areas, it shows you how to use formats and action words to add power to your resume, how to maximize the positive impact of your resume by including certain essentials (and excluding peripheral and unintentionally damaging items), how to target cover and thank-you letters to various kinds of legal employers, how to successfully handle the toughest interview situations including questions about past conflicts with employers or even termination and how to approach reference checking the right way to put yourself in the best possible light.

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