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David CharlesClarke

Bankruptcy and debt Lawyer Serving at Washington

5608 Reef Ln NE, Washington, 98516-1387
  • Bankruptcy and debt, Collections, Contracts and Agreements, Criminal Defense, Debt and Lending Agreements, Estate Planning, Probate, Wills and Living Wills, Family, Litigation and Personal Injury
  • Lacey, Washington Bankruptcy and debt Lawyer with 6 years of experience
5608 Reef Ln NE, Lacey, Washington, (503) 686-0981


  • English

Practice Areas

Bankruptcy and debt


Contracts and Agreements

Criminal Defense

Debt and Lending Agreements

Estate Planning


Wills and Living Wills



Personal Injury


State of Washington

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5608 Reef Ln NE, Lacey, Washington, (503) 686-0981