Gifts for Attorneys, Judges, Students & Law Professors

As we approach the holidays, you may be contemplating a gift for your attorney, law student, professor or judge. Consider a law dictionary – a gift that not only conveys your appreciation, but offers timeless utility to be referred to

Entering Law School

Summer Reading for a New 1L Entering Law School; Embrace the Bramble Bush by Claudia Valenzuela The Bramble Bush There was a man in our town And he was wond’rous wise; He jumped into a bramble bush And scratched out

The Nightmare Before Exam Results

Flight, Fear, and the Surety of Imminent Death: Awaiting California Bar Exam Results David A. Cain, JD. California Western School of Law ’13 The nightmares started the week before bar results posted. The California bar exam is notoriously difficult and

Sample Complaint: Trump v. Maher

Donald Trump sues Bill Maher During Barack Obama’s 1st term and the 2012 presidential election, Donald Trump repeatedly questioned the President’s citizenship. Even though he obtained a copy of Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, Mr. Trump appeared to be unsatisfied with

Perspective on Causation by: Dave Alden But-for test; Proximate Cause; Duty; Foreseeable Plaintiff; Superseding Cause While no one would suggest that the on-field injury that sidelined an NFL athlete led to his death two weeks later, the tragic series of events that

Origin of the term Hornbook

“Hornbook” originally referred to a sort of instructional aid for children to learn how to read; “A child’s primer consisting of a sheet of parchment or paper protected by a sheet of transparent horn,” as defined in Webster’s Dictionary. History: