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Areas of Law

The Alden Law Group assists consumer and small business clients in creditor negotiations, bankruptcy and foreclosure defense. Additionally, firm partner David Alden represents  pilots and air carriers in aviation law, including compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations and defense of pilots, airmen and certificate holders in FAA certificate actions.

Representation in

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Consumer and small business cases under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

FAA Administrative Law; Appeals of FAA Orders to the NTSB
Aviation law; defense of FAA Certificate Actions

Business Startup & Formation; Regulatory Compliance; Corporate Law
Establishing best practices for startup and ongoing companies; choice of LLC or corporation; government compliance in FAA Aviation Law; development of flight operations manuals and flight crew training programs; maintenance of corporate records

What is Bankruptcy? Will it help me?

Have your questions answered by an experienced, personable and reasonably priced bankruptcy attorney: Dave Alden studied bankruptcy law under well-regarded  professor and author Lynn LoPucki in 1988, then entered an internship program in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida, reporting directly to U.S. Bankruptcy Judge A. Jay Cristol. Upon arriving in California, Dave became a staff attorney with the high-volume bankruptcy law firm of Max Cline, where he represented hundreds of clients in Max’s San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland offices. Wanting better, less hurried contact with his clients, Dave opened his own law practice in Palo Alto, CA, from there representing clients in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts throughout the Northern District of California.

Dave moved his family to Sacramento in 2003 and, with the faltering economy, resumed his bankruptcy practice in 2008 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California. Much of Dave’s practice now involves protecting his clients from law suits and resulting wage garnishments by unsecured creditors, helping families reorganize their secured debts (autos and homes) and scheduling payment plans under chapter 13 to resolve IRS and FTB tax obligations. Under the 2005 amendment to the Bankruptcy code, and recent interpretation by the U.S. Supreme Court, the Alden Law Group meets the definition of Debt-relief Agency.

Most important, in this environment, is helping families save their homes from foreclosure. “It’s not always possible [to keep the home], because sometimes the homes are just too upside-down, or the wage-earner’s loss of income is too great. But in many cases, often by stripping the 2nd DOT, we can stop a foreclosure (even if the trustee sale date has already been set, as long as the case is filed prior to the auction), restructure the past-due payments on the 1st DOT to get caught up over time, and prevent another ‘Bank Repo’ sign from going up in someone’s front yard,” reports Dave. “It gives me satisfaction to know that I am making it possible for families to stay in their homes,” he concluded.


A long time professional pilot, Dave has flown under Parts 91, 135 and 121 and instructed under Part 141. He is a past VP Operations of Miami’s Skyroamers flying club and past Chair of the Bay area’s West Valley Flying Club, which is possibly the largest private flying club in the world. Dave has owned several airplanes and is a past FAA employee, having worked in ATC at the Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center. Until 2010, Dave flew United Express and Delta Connection regional jets for SkyWest Airlines. He is a past president of their collective bargaining unit, the SkyWest Airlines Pilot Association.

As an airline pilot and past air traffic controller, Dave has extensive knowledge of flight operations and great understanding for the concerns of professional airmen. He relates well to his clients, as well as to the inspectors and attorneys on the FAA side. He believes in appearing personally with his client at informal conferences, where he strives to demonstrate his client’s compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations and SOP.

“The best time to call me is early in the case, when the notice of FAA investigation is first received,” cautions Dave. “Waiting until FAA legal action is underway puts your defense behind the power curve, where it might stay because these cases move fast. They’re not like suits in the local county courthouse that can take years to resolve. Administrative actions by the FAA are frequently over within 60 days of the notice of proposed certificate action”.

Two of the biggest problems faced by pilots are 1) failing to keep the FAA informed of their mailing address, leading to delays in delivery of legal notices (sometimes past deadline dates); and 2) failing to report DUI arrests, thinking that no reporting is necessary unless and until a conviction occurs. Most DUI arrests are reportable because they result in administrative action (automatic suspension) against the pilot’s driver’s license. It’s not the arrest that must be reported pursuant to FAR 61.15(e), it’s the suspension.

Business, Aviation, Airline and Technology

Dave has extensive business startup and business experience, along with technical knowledge of computers, networks and the Internet. He is a founder of, Inc., founded and operated a computer services company, worked in data-network operations for a major airline, founded a real estate brokerage company, lectured real estate license law and aviation law courses, and directed an undergraduate college program in aviation management. He is able to assist you in determining best practices for your startup or continuing business and assist you in the maintenance of your corporate records. Dave provides counsel to air carriers and flight operations departments in FAA regulatory compliance, and can assist in the development of flight operations manuals (FOM), standard operating procedures (SOP) and flight crew training programs.

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