Is legit? No, but is … Have you received an email with the subject: Delivery notification – Parcel delivery … failed After a few lines of pretend-data, the ‘notice’ gives you the opportunity to click on a link to https://tools.usps dot [wait for it] COM! Guess what? That’s a scam. According to an …

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Student Aid FAFSA

Funding college tuition

Student Aid Application Filing for Federal Student Aid can be a daunting, but necessary, task for many of us. There is a Free Application for Federal Student Aid program. Visit the U.S. Department of Education site at That’s where you can file a student aid application for free. For help in preparing and filing …

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Free Credit Report

Free Credit Report Everyone’s heard of, right? But go to this page, and you’ll have the option of paying $39.95 for credit reports from the three major reporting companies or $14.95 for a single report from Experian. What happened to free? Well, there is a place to click for a free report. But read …

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Cell Phone Overcharges Affect Consumers’ Credit Reports

AT&T Tried to Buy T-Mobile

Consumer Alert – April 18, 2011, by Dave Alden

1st Quarter 2011 brought the announcement that AT&T beat out Sprint in the competition for T-Mobile, the first big cellular merger since Sprint acquired Nextel. When your cell company is acquired by another carrier, accounting errors can happen. When they do, you may pay too much or suffer a hit to your credit rating, hence this consumer alert.