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Will theses documents (downloaded legal forms) be legal without a lawyer preparing them in front of you? Will they stand up in court?

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Posted : 09/09/2019 2:43 am
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You can shop online for legal forms, many specific to the laws where you are located. When you handle your own legal matter, research the law to make sure you’re doing things correctly.

Online legal research used to cost a ton of money and was available only to legal professionals. Thankfully today you can do your own legal research for free. Use plain language, including the state, province or country, to describe what you’re looking for.

If you feel that you should have an attorney to assist you, you can find one by searching the area of law and location using’s Find a Lawyer.

Legal plans are also a great way to go for no-extra-charge phone advice.  Many offer free forms to download and licensed attorneys who will review your completed documents. LegalShield offers legal plans starting at $24.95 per month. Call at 800-253-7271 to speak with an independent associated who can help you select the best plan to access these benefits.

To shop a broad selection of tens of thousands of legal forms, visit's Legal Forms page.

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Posted : 28/02/2021 8:55 am