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Auto Repair Shop Denies Responsibility

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My windshield was replaced a year and a half ago and the technician did not reattach parts of my vehicle properly so over a year and a half time my vehicle doors have been rusting (outside as well as inside) along with the jams that hold the door on. The parts to my vehicle are no longer made because the vehicle is no longer being manufactured. So even if they were to replace the doors eventually they would wear out and fall off because door jams are slightly rusted. They have been denying responsibility and putting me off and sweeping me under the rug for two long. And somehow I happened to have remembered that I have a photo of their repair process that they denied is even a part of their service what are my options? I cannot afford to lose my vehicle and I cannot afford an attorney because of their negligence. I actually over maintain my car to prevent damage but the damage that they have caused my car is surface damage. Everything under the hood and underneath the car is properly maintained but I do not want my car chalked up as unrepairable because it would be too expensive to repair it but yet there’s no way they would give me enough money to get a new vehicle Not that I want one in anyway I just want mine fixed.I know my vehicle so well which is why am trying to hold onto it and get it repaired but if it is chalked up as unrepairable because of the expense I don’t want them to just hand me a check and then I have to go buy a used vehicle which I know nothing about. I want to be treated fairly. I’ve had this vehicle going on 10 years. I purchased it brand new. I do not want to buy some buddies other problem if they just offer me a check I deserve more than that for what they have put me through. I’ve been to many facilities trying to find out why my vehicle is getting this damage to the point where these facilities are actually sick of seeing me. So not only have they ruined my vehicle but my reputation as well.

Topic starter Posted : 21/02/2021 8:01 am
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Dave Alden
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It sounds like you tried to get the repair done to your satisfaction but the shop disputes your view of their responsibility for areas around the windshield.

You might consider filing a complaint with your state auto repair regulatory agency. You can use's legal research tool to find the agency in your state. Try search terms like [state] auto repair consumer protection, car repair law, etc. In California, it would be the Bureau of Auto Repair. The agency might be able to offer you some insight into what the shop should or should not have done, and what recourse is available to you now.

You can also sue the shop in small claims court for the cost of repairs. But you would have to be your own expert (or bring one with you as a witness), able to prove to the judge that the corrosion was caused by the windshield repair – in legal terms, that the shop was negligent. Search "how to sue in small claims court" for guidance in your state.

There are legal plans that make attorneys available to consumers to answer questions specific to your case, provide guidance, review documents, write letters and other services. Call 800-253-7271 to join.

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Posted : 21/02/2021 8:41 am