My Child Was in a Car Accident!

My Child Was in a Car Accident! What Should I do? By David A. Cain, Esq. This is a tough subject… As the father of seven, one of the worst calls I can get is from one of our teens, our

Unmanned Aircraft in the National Airspace System

From the Wild West to the National Airspace System: Roadmap for Integration of Unmanned Aircraft into the National Airspace System By David Cain, J.D.1 I. History of Aviation – Unde Vinimus A. Unmanned Aviation i. Early Unmanned Efforts: From Tethered

How the FAA is Getting it Right on Unmanned Aircraft

by David A. Cain, Esq. Reprinted with permission of the author. Originally appeared in Times of San Diego on February 19, 2015. What place do Unmanned Aerial Systems (“UAS”, commonly—if imprecisely—referred to as “drones”) have a place in our American

Running in DC

Running in DC Running in DC is no small feat. Be ready to hit the ground running because the traffic, the city, the history will not stop for you. It is a sprinter’s city. It is a point-to-point sprint. It

The Nightmare Before Exam Results

Flight, Fear, and the Surety of Imminent Death: Awaiting California Bar Exam Results David A. Cain, JD. California Western School of Law ’13 The nightmares started the week before bar results posted. The California bar exam is notoriously difficult and