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The purpose of’s Ask-a-Legal-Question is to provide people with a safe place on the Internet to post a question related to the law and receive a general answer, providing information and suggestions for finding additional resources.

Posting a question, and receiving an answer in’s Ask-a-Lawer discussion forum is NOT, and does not create, an attorney-client relationship.

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For these reasons, do NOT regard answers provided here as being Legal Advice. The information conveyed in these posts is intended to be general, not related to any person or factual situation, FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

Discussion, including the polite presentment of alternative points of view, is encouraged.

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The Moderators reserve the right to suspend or remove accounts engaging in activities that violate these rules.

In summary, well-thought, polite discussion and debate is welcome. Please apply common sense and politeness. Remember that all the information contained in these discussions has been contributed by multiple participants from varying jurisdictions, and may not apply specifically to your situation. Under no circumstances should you regard anything contained in these posts as legal advice specific to your situation. As this is a public forum, please do not post private or sensitive information about yourself (other than your jurisdiction/state so participants will know what law may apply). If you wish to contact an attorney who has authored a post, please do so directly from their contact information.

Thank you for observing these rules. They are intended to fairly apply to everyone who reads and contributes here. We invite your participation, and hope you will enjoy and benefit from the (general) information provided in these discussions.

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