About Legal.com

Legal.com for over 20 years has provided a continuum of trustworthy legal products, services and information for consumers, businesses, legal professionals and law students. For many, Legal.com is the first step to the law.
Founded in 1991, Legal.com began as Legal Recourse, a law specialty retail store in Palo Alto, California, with a goal of easing access to the law for consumers and businesses. The store’s catalog was published on the Internet in 1993, becoming the world’s first online source of law books and legal forms, addressing the needs of consumers facing legal challenges, attorneys and law librarians acquiring professional reference titles and law students seeking a broad array of study materials.
Today Legal.com continues to offer its comprehensive catalog of law titles along with an incredible selection of legal forms from multiple, trusted vendors. Additionally, Legal.com helps people gain better access and understanding of the law by providing news and educational articles on various legal topics, many directing the reader to additional resources related to their particular area of interest.
Legal.com offers a free and easy-to-use custom search engine to find cases, codes and informative articles, empowering people to conduct their own online legal research without any training in legal research techniques.
Visitors can post questions to an online Q&A forum for response, comment and suggestions by other users – many of whom are members of the Legal.com Attorney Network℠.
For those situations requiring an attorney, Legal.com offers a directory searchable by area of law and location, to help people find the right attorney for a particular matter.
With offices in Sacramento, CA Legal.com is operated by its founders who originally started the law specialty bookstore, with an ongoing commitment of making the law more accessible to everyone.